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Sustainability at IDA&S

The "S" in IDA&S stands for more than just style. It signifies our unwavering commitment to a sustainable future. We believe in creating beautiful, high-quality clothing that respects the environment and the people who make it. Rather than claiming a final state of “sustainability”, we embrace it as a continuous journey—one we are passionately committed to for the long haul. Here’s how we’re walking this path with you:

Quality that Lasts

Our sustainability ethos is deeply rooted in the principle of quality. Back in the 1970s, despite facing physical challenges and skepticism, our founder Ida Siu insisted on quality as the cornerstone and signature value of her business. Contrary to the push for fast-fashion and cost-cut manufacturing, she pioneered a focus on creating durable, superior products. Ida’s philosophy was simple but revolutionary: “Focus on quality, invest in people, and the profit will follow.”

Decades later, this approach has proven itself. Customers often share stories of our garments, some over 15 years old, still hanging in their closets. Today, we have continued to invest in high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, resulting in garments designed to last for years. This longevity is a testament to our commitment to sustainability, as it reduces the need for frequent replacements and diminishes waste.

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our manufacturing processes. In 2006, our dedication to integrating sustainable practices took a significant leap forward with the construction of our 240,000 square foot LEED-certified manufacturing facility that prioritizes both worker well-being and energy efficiency. Designed with sustainability at its core, the facility features natural air flow systems, solar panels that generate 250,000 kWh of power annually, and a structure that minimizes solar heat gain, reducing the need for artificial cooling, and further reducing our environmental footprint.

Traceability and Transparency

Unlike many fashion brands, we’re vertically integrated. This means we know exactly where and how your clothes are made. No outsourcing, no mystery factories. You can trust that our garments are crafted in our beautiful, LEED-certified facility with responsible practices.

We have complete control over our supply chain, allowing us to trace every garment back to its source – the exact factory floor and even the individuals who crafted it. This level of transparency ensures ethical labor practices and responsible production, building trust with our customers.

Thoughtful Fabrics

Choosing sustainable fabrics is a complex but essential part of our mission. We continually explore sustainable materials, partnering with mills that prioritize organic and recycled inputs. We use a mix of natural fibers, certified organic materials, and recycled fabrics.

While we utilize natural fibers and recycled materials whenever possible, we acknowledge the complexities of sustainable fabrics. We’re constantly exploring innovative fabrics and technologies to minimize our environmental footprint. Recognizing the dynamic debates around material sustainability, we are committed to engaging in these complex conversations and evolving our practices accordingly.

Evolving Packaging

Our packaging is a work in progress, and we are actively exploring more sustainable options and continually seeking ways to improve. Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of our product’s journey minimizes environmental impact.

Our Ongoing Commitment

We acknowledge that we can and need to do more. Recognizing that sustainability is ever-evolving, we actively seek certifications that set benchmarks for our sustainability efforts. We believe in open communication and working together with our customers to navigate the complexities of sustainable fashion.

At IDA&S, sustainability is not a destination but a continuous journey—it’s a commitment woven into the very fabric of our brand, pushing us to continually adopt more responsible practices in every aspect of our business. Join us on this journey, where every choice is made with the future in mind, ensuring that we not only create beautifully enduring garments but also contribute positively to our planet.